Getting engaged is an overwhelming moment for every bride. As soon as you let your near and dear ones know that you are getting married, an avalanche of advices floods your mind and you feel like nothing is going your way. Well, rules are meant to be broken and these are some of the rules that every Pakistani bride should feel free to break without any hesitation before her shaadi.

Four Days of Festivities is Not Your Thing

Whether you are on a tight budget or you want your marriage to be an intimate affair with only close friends and family invited. Go ahead, no one is stopping you. Only the Nikah and Valima ceremony are considered necessary. You can avoid the Mehndi and Dholki ceremony if you wish to, the wedding police won’t arrest you.

No Formal Invitation Wordings

There is no one forcing you to send in invitations with formal wordings to your close friends. Save those formal invitation cards for your colleagues and the rest of your guests and address your closest friends and family members with an informal handwritten invitation card that would make them feel special.

You Don’t Like Wearing Red

Even though wearing a red gharara or lehenga on the shaadi day is an age old tradition, you are not bound to follow this rule. If you feel that red does not work wonders for your skin tone, you can choose any other bright color for yourself like pink, green, purple, etc. The possibilities are endless, just choose what you think will suit you the best.

Don’t Want To Be the Blushing Bride?

It is perfectly fine if you want to do your makeup yourself on the big day and chuck out the blush if you wish to. If the blush does not suit you, dust some bronzer on your cheeks instead because you want to impress your groom at the Mou Dikhayi ceremony.

The Shoe Dilemma

If you have a good height already and do not want to look taller than your groom, it is okay to wear kitten heels on your big day instead of wearing 6 inch pencil heels. Even if height is not the issue, you can still choose footwear that is comfortable for your wedding because you will have to stand and receive the guests too. Well, who loves shoe bites?

Honeymoon Blues

It is understandable that you would want to go on your honeymoon right after shaadi. But hey, it is okay if you go on the honeymoon after a couple of days too. Sometimes it happens that air fare is expensive during the peak moths and you cannot afford to go on a honeymoon trip right away. Cheer up; it is not the end of the world! You can go on a mini honeymoon with your hubby instead. Book a honeymoon suite at a nice hotel and treat yourself to spas and buffet dinners instead.

These are a few rules are just meant to be broken. After all, it is your big shaadi day and you have the right to celebrate it whichever way you want to.


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