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Pre-Marriage To-Do List for Brides

Everyone goes through different stages in life. Marriage happens to be one of them. It is the name of another life phase that cuts you off from your prior single life. Though all the phases of life are beautiful and worthy at their own place, marriage is the one which completely changes one’s life. So, it is better to prepare for it before your big day.

There are no pre-written instructions or guidance manual in the market that can tell you exactly what to do. But, little pieces of advice from your family and good friends can be of great help. Additionally, you can get useful advice from this blog to make your married life happier and to shun the level of regret.

Learn to Live in the Present

“Life is not a flower of bed but there are thorns on the rose bush”. The life diary of everyone is filled with some magical moments, alongside some bad ones. People usually forget most of these, but there are few which remain in the memory for long.

Before you walk your new journey, the best advice to follow is the brushing away of the negative or unpleasant memories. If you are under the influence of any negative event or memory, it will ultimately have an impact on your future. Your future life should not have the bad shade of the past. Rather, you should start living in the present.

Get Yourself Free from Negative Thoughts

Having mixed thoughts about the married life is a usual thing. The most important thing to remember is that you should work hard to ensure that these thoughts aren’t negative, and if they are, take the necessary steps to get rid of them. For this purpose, you will have to train your mind. And the best way to start doing that is NOW.

During the time of engagement to the wedding day, you will hear many things about married life, both negative and positive. Keep a neutral mindset and try to evaluate the opinions you receive. Don’t stress over the negative aspects.

Doing this is not easy. Nonetheless, it is incredibly vital. If you enter your new home with negative thoughts, you will start seeing the “bad” in every situation, no matter how small.

Be Prepared to Compromise

Yes, you read that right. Well, it’s quite difficult to change your habits and have compliance behavior as you enter from single and much independent life to the phase where you need to live and adjust with your new family. But compromising to some extent is a good thing for leading a happy and peaceful life.

There is no such thing as a perfect life. You can only make it perfect if you are willing to accept the hardships that come along with it, and smile through them just as you would through the happy moments.

Think Good about Your In-laws

Your in-laws are also human. They are people with their own aspirations, goals, and objectives. No matter what your friends and family members say, don’t judge them unless and until you get to know them properly. They are like your parents, and you should treat them accordingly.

If you make space for them in your heart, they will also give you love. In fact, they might even give you unconditional love, which is the purest form of affection. The conventional ideas related to in-laws may push you to think and feel bad about them, but keep in mind that these are just misconceptions and do not necessarily apply to everyone, including yourself.

There might be some times that your in-laws have a bad attitude towards you for no apparent reason. Do not feel down, just remember that our parents also get mad at us without any reason, but we still love and respect them. Similarly, your in-laws want the attitude of respect and kindness from you.

Give Respect to Take Respect

Respect is a key factor that always pays you in different forms. Everyone likes to be respected, regardless of their age groups.

Paying regards to others, irrespective of their status, will actually help you in earning respect. Moreover, it will add value to your personality and make you more respectable in the eyes of others. Most of the problems in married life can be solved by showing respect, courtesy, and by neglecting little issues. Remember the above-mentioned point of compromise? Doing a little comprise and ignoring the small things can do wonders for you in married life.

Make Your Mind Adjust to the New Family

The girl is the one who needs to go to a new home after marriage (in 99% of cases, at least). It means that you will have to live with new relatives.

Almost all of those girls have pre-formed conceptions about in-laws in their minds. “They will remain unhappy even if I good for them” or “I will not be appreciated for anything I do” are some common thoughts that go through a girl’s mind. But the reality is that we are living in an era where a lot of concepts have changed and people are now giving space to their daughters-in-law and also work to make her adjust in a new family.

In the first few years, you are required to work hard on your relationship with your in-laws. But, do not worry. Everything will go smoothly after some time.


We can say that a happy and peaceful married life can be built when you work together. Most importantly, it takes time.

Nothing can happen at once or overnight. When it comes to a relationship, adding the elements of respect, affection, compromise, and care will make your life easier to adjust with your partner as well as the new family.

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