Are you a young romantic looking for true love or are you searching for the man of your dreams to tie the knot with? This blog is dedicated to all the questions you should deliberate upon before saying ‘I do’. You may have to go through many heart breaks before you find the one you truly want to be with for the rest of your life. But the path to finding Mr. Right is not paved with roses, sweetie.

After all, marriage is nothing less than a gamble. He will pick the diamonds and you will pick the hearts; if you play your cards right, you might just end up a full house and become his queen of hearts. For that to happen, you will have to think rationally before you make your move and you might have to wait for some time before you finally come across that guy who is perfect marriage material.

Assuming that you still haven’t found your prince charming, remember good things always come to those who wait and read on.

The Classic Dilemma – Do I Like Him or Love Him?

When you start dating, you usually find yourself stuck in a situation where you just cannot decide whether it is love or just infatuation. To resolve that dilemma, fix your logic. If you like him, you might fall in love with him as the clock ticks on. Not everyone falls in love at first sight. But if you don’t even like him to begin with or enjoy his company, falling in love seems farfetched. When you like someone, you genuinely feel happy spending time with him and talking to him. That is the first sign which indicates that proceeding forward is okay.

What Makes Him Likeable?

If you like his shiny red sports car or you find his looks irresistible; you are headed on the wrong way. Material things and good looks cannot provide a lifelong guarantee of happiness. He may be rich, he may have cutting edge features too but if he does not possess the qualities of good human being, it is best you move on before you make a wrong decision. Always bear in mind that whoever said that money cannot buy happiness is not wrong. Money may come and go, but love will last you a life time.

Observe the good qualities in him. Is he kind? Does he talk to others politely? Is he honest? Does he make you want to be a better person? If you can find these qualities in your man, he’s a keeper.

Your Religious Belief Does Matter

If you both are from the same caste and follow the same religion, you have got nothing to worry about. But if you both differ in this aspect, you might want to discuss the possibilities of your future with him to avoid having bigger problems to deal with once you both are married. Believe it or not but once the honeymoon phase is over and you have kids, you might find that not having same or similar religious believe can be a major deal breaker.

Don’t Mind Talking About Money Matters

Before you say, ‘What’s mine is yours’; you might want to talk about money matters. Sometimes, a marriage fall apart because of this issue and you obviously don’t want to go down that road. So, be clear on how much you both would like to save every month or yearly, whether you’d want to have joint bank accounts in the future or not, etc.

The Million Dollar Question

The million dollar question before you say ‘I do’ is ‘Does he treat you right?’ If he cares for you, takes time out of his hectic schedule to take you out and if he remembers the finest details about you; your prince charming is right before you. Say yes already!

Most people would give you the same run of the mill advice they have heard over the years like marry your best friend, marry the one who treats you right and let your parents find the one for you. Certainly, they are not wrong but some of the tips discussed above are also worth taking into consideration before you make the biggest decision of your life of shaadi.

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