Wedding season in Pakistan has just begun again with a bang and we couldn’t be more excited! Whether you have had a wedding in the family, planned your own or helped a relative or friend with all their arrangements, you must be all too familiar with the months and months of preparation that go into planning a Pakistani wedding.

We take our weddings seriously, and everything has to be up to the mark – there is no room for compromises or any mishaps at the last moment. The venue should be booked, the dresses should be ordered, and the best photographer in town should already have been hired months before the actual event if you do not want World War III to take place in your living room every day leading to the wedding.

Realizing Your Preferences and Prioritizing the Tasks

When it comes to Pakistani wedding preparation, tons of things need to be taken care of well in advance. You can be relaxed about some of them where a backup is available and you are willing to make a compromise. For example, if the cleric who will ordain the Nikkah can’t come at the last moment, you can simply call one form the local mosque. Similarly, if your décor team decides to bail on you at the last moment, you can request the in-house team of the venue to take over instead. However, other things just HAVE to be done on time.

So the first thing that you need to do is to make a list of things that you cannot compromise on and the ones you can be less worried about. These depend majorly on your own preferences but in this blog post, we will list some of the things that NO ONE can afford to leave to the last minute. Let’s dive right in!

A List of Things to Get Done on Time!

  1. Bridal/Groom Dresses

While women are a lot more concerned about their wedding dresses (understandably so because a lot of them have been dreaming about them for years), this goes for both the bride and the groom. Do NOT leave this to the last minute. Even if you find a bridal dress or a tux you like at the end moment, you will not have the time to get it made on such short notice. And when it comes to the stitching process, your tailor will take their sweet time too. So make sure you make the important decisions in time and have all the dresses ready at least a week before the wedding begins.

  1. Jewelry!

For a Pakistani bride, the big look on her big day is not complete until she has the perfect jewelry to pair with her super amazing dress. Whether this includes a traditional choker, jhumka (traditional style earrings), nath (nose ring), rings, and bangles or a small and delicate set consisting of a necklace, earrings, and other items in a contemporary style and design, you need to make a choice and order it soon after you decide your theme. While you can usually get ready-made jewelry, whether artificial or gold, quite easily, there is always the chance that you will have to get it custom-made. And that, understandably, takes time!

  1. Venue

While we previously mentioned that most people are willing to compromise on the décor (not in terms of the overall theme but with regards to the team that takes it up and minor changes they make), the wedding venue itself needs to be booked well in advance. This is especially true if you are getting married in the busy season, such as in December – all the halls and marquees will have been booked months in advance and you will not be able to find a good place. So get done with this soon after the date is decided.

  1. Wedding Coverage

There was a time when all the photographers and videographers in Pakistan followed the same style of coverage – the only difference was in how many pictures they provided you with or how many special effects they included in the videos. Nowadays, however, professionals in the field work in a number of different styles and the end product varies immensely. As with wedding venues, photographers are often booked well in advance so you may find that your favorite one is not available if you get in touch with them a week before the wedding. So don’t take the risk!

  1. Makeup Artist

A girl knows, the day the date of her wedding is set, what she wants to look like on her big day. And she will go to all lengths to achieve that look. If you are about to get married, you likely already know who you want to hire for your hair and makeup. Do you really want to risk losing the chance to get dolled up by him or her by leaving it to the last moment? Of course you don’t! The top makeup artists get very busy during the wedding seasons, with multiple brides to doll up on a daily basis. So get your appointment as soon as you know your dates!

Ending Note

While there are many other things we can add to this list, Pakistani wedding preparation cannot be complete and the event cannot be a hit if these 5 things are not up to the mark. So if you are about to get married soon, make sure that you take care of these things and any others that are important to you so that you do not have to deal with any problems later on and have a splendid wedding day that you look back on and smile for as long as you live.

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