Times have changed nowadays and men and women both have their 9-5 jobs to go to. Working brides-to-be are almost in a race against time and can barely spare a few hours to go on leisurely bridal trousseau hunting trips, last minute errands to the jewelry stores, salons, stylists and whatnot; seems like having a bridal shower before marriage is completely out of question. But not anymore, you can browse through these tips to surprise the bride-to-be with this little unexpected bridal shower that will make her feel much loved.

Whether you’re the bride-to-be’s favorite group of girls or her cousins, browse on for some tips to arrange the classic bridal shower with a Pakistani twist.

Setting Your Budget for the Bridal Shower

This unexpected bridal shower won’t burn a hole in your pocket. So even if you have a pretty tight budget, quit worrying because this surprise bridal plan is foolproof.

Honor the Bride-To-Be

Surprise her with a ‘Bride-to-be’ sash. You can make the sash at home quite easily. Just take a long strip of silk cloth and make sure its measurement is similar to that of a short dupatta. However, the breadth should be very small. So cut all that extra fabric till you get a nice clean strip ready to be turned into a sash. Once that is done, you can cut out alphabets from a shiny gift wrapping paper and stick them onto the sash reading ‘Bride-to-be’. You can add a few artistic touches here and there if you like but there are no compulsions, the choice is yours.

If you have some extra time to spare, you can make a small tiara to match the sash as well with small beads or pearls if possible.

Cute Party Favors

Instead of going for party favors with a steep price tag, you can distribute tiny ‘Ittar’ or non-alcoholic perfume bottles or small lip balms and nail polish bottles among the guests as party favors. If that idea is not working out for you, you can give miniature chocolates in the shape of coins or chocolate beans in cute little bags as giveaways too.

Bake That Cake

If you are looking to do something special for your beloved bride-to-be, bake her favorite cake and top it with small edible silver beads and mark her initials on the cake. She will love this little surprise, guaranteed. If baking a cake is not a good idea, go for cup cakes or chocolate mousse or puddings. Be creative and think out of the box.

Preparing the Menu

If the bridal shower is being held in the evening or around tea time, you can prepare scrumptious refreshments at home with ease. Go for miniature food items like bite size kebabs on sticks, chicken sticks, chicken wings, finger sandwiches and small chocolate mousse or pudding or fruit flavored yoghurt cups. You can serve tea, coffee, cold drinks or seasonal fruit juices as beverages.

It really does not matter if you cannot plan a bridal shower with the whole shebang in a five star hotel. It is always the little things that make a person feel special. Having a tight budget does not mean you cannot have fun. The big shaadi day is right around the corner, make those few days before the big day memorable for your beloved with an out-of-the blue bridal shower that will make her jaw drop with amazement plus, it will be a fun filled meet up for all her near and dear ones too.

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