Any bride-to-be would want her pre-nuptial ceremonies to be celebrated in a grand and pompous manner. Out of all the pre marriage ceremonies, the Mehndi Ceremony has a charm of its own and is celebrated with much fanfare. It is believed that the Mehndi ceremony brings good luck and prosperity to the happy couple. This ceremony usually takes place after the engagement ceremony about a week before the actual shaadi day.

In this ceremony, intricate designs are made on the bride’s hands and feet with henna. The initials of the groom’s name are hidden in the design somewhere. There is also an old saying that the darker the color of the henna on the bride’s hands, the stronger the bond between the husband and wife. Now that you know how important the Mehndi ceremony is, let’s get to the part where we discuss ideas to make your Mehndi function the talk of the town.

If you have got relatives flying over from abroad and a hefty bank account that can make your wildest whims and fancies come true, this blog is definitely going to give you some brilliant ideas to make your Mehndi ceremony a fun and frolic affair your guests will remember for the years to come.

The Venue

If you are planning to do something completely out of the ordinary, go for a different location. Mehndi ceremonies usually take place at the bride’s residence or in a lawn. But how about you have your Mehndi function at your friend’s poolside or book the poolside area of a hotel to host your pre-marriage ceremony? Or if you want to do something completely out of the box, book a fancy farmhouse at the beach for your Mehndi party. Take it from us, your guests will love the arrangement and you will have loads of fun too.

Go For Nail Art Instead

Women getting Mehndi applied on their hands at a Mehndi party is a bit too mainstream and frankly, a bit boring too. You can add oomph to your Mehndi party by arranging a nail art stall at your party along with the usual Mehndi application stalls. Women will go crazy over the nail art stall, guaranteed.

Beat the Sweltering Heat with Ice Golas

If you are getting married in the summers, this idea is simply genius. Arrange for an ice gola stall at your Mehndi function. Kids and adults alike will love having this soothing sweet treat in the scorching heat. But make sure the ice gola vendor uses mineral water to make the ice golas.

Table Tricks Magician

To make things interesting in your pre marriage ceremony and to keep the ladies and kids entertained; hiring a table tricks magician is not a bad idea at all. There will never be a dull moment at your Mehndi ceremony when the magician keeps everyone from getting bored by doing different magic tricks along with the lively music playing in the background.

Replace the Boring Beverages with Something New

Instead of serving the same old cold drinks and fresh fruit juices, have a coconut water stall where your guests can treat themselves to deliciously refreshing coconut water. If you feel that coconuts are too expensive and your guest list is just way too long, serve milk shakes in different flavors instead.

Party Favors Your Guests Will Love

Since Mehndi ceremonies are mostly attended by women and children, focus on gifts that women would like. For instance, henna cones and colored bangles are distributed as giveaways which are very appropriate according to the ceremony but if you want to shower your guests with something special, you can give block printed dupattas in various colors, dainty bracelets and earrings or studded hair pins all depending on how big your budget is.

These are some of the trends that are in vogue lately. Take inspiration from these ideas and make your pre marriage Mehndi function a memorable experience for both, you and your guests.

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