Ok so all that you must have heard about Pakistani yet, might be the extra spicy and tantalizing dishes that it’s famous for, its premium quality and extraordinary sports goods, or simply the daunting Taliban surrounding it. But let me tell you, that if you are unaware of the culture and tradition of a Pakistani marriage then you have entirely missed out on an extremely amusing and exciting part of the culture!

We all know that shaadi rituals in different countries are carried out distinctly. Where some involve weird and creepy traditions that you can never make sense of, others involve nothing but excessive wasteful expenditure on futile things like flowers from Holland or dinner from the largest caterer of the country. However, when it comes to Pakistani weddings, there is just so much more to these obscure and somewhat mysterious traditions that totally leaves you breathless! These rituals and matrimonial events nevertheless serve as an increment to the already over-flowing happiness of the families and friends.

Firstly and most importantly, there is the timeless concept of the numerous functions that take place before the actual wedding itself that revolve around the same idea and include more or less the same activities with a touch of a unique praxis or rasm and make the event special. Let’s take the dholkis for example; each and every one of them would follow the same set of events from the dance practices to the preparations and the dinner. What’s hilarious is that everyone would still, every single one of them, be as overexcited and overdressed as if it’s the first one. If there are a total of four dholkis being carried out, Pakistanis would miss none.

Next, when you are at the shaadi you would see all of them tirelessly getting their photos taken with the bride and groom and at the same time admiring and teasing the couple. You would also find young girls and boys surrounded around the groom trying to maximize their share on the reward that they earned after a rasm. People would be surrounded around the dowry and gifts exclaiming how beautiful it is. But then, suddenly you hear the clattering of the caps of the dishes lined either at the corner or centre of the lawn, and there you see a horde of guests and relatives making their way towards the dinner to be served. The wedding couple loses all of its sincerely obsessed admirers with the clattering of the dishes in a single moment. Yes, that is one thing that actually matters to them the most: Tempting warm spicy food.

And then there are several other minute amusing things that people do at Pakistani shaadi. For instance, while the family and friends are having a great time roaming around, nobody realizes the fact that the bride and groom with the most heavy dresses and pricking material, sit on the same chair or sofa without even moving or standing up, saying the same thing again and again to hundreds of people who congratulate them. This happens for hours and hours considering the fact that none of the Pakistani marriages end until midnight. Sitting together at the exact same place for hours, faking smiles to the uncountable relatives on a day they thought would be the most exciting. And do they dare say they are tired? Oh no, sitting there relaxing is exactly what they have done, comes the reply.

Then, there are the wedding crashers. You might not even realize how many wedding crashers are actually present in the wedding, going around unnoticed, getting pictures taken and mainly enjoying the food. The wedding crashers are not recognized until after the photographs are out and the families start wondering who they could be.

However funny or awkward they may sound, that’s what makes every shaadi special and amusing. Visit marriage bureau in Pakistan websites online to find out more about different weddings and interesting information.

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