Every bride wishes for a drama free marriage celebration with lots of guests but that becomes a far cry from the situation when you invite the wrong kind of people to your marriage celebrations that end up ruining your big day for you. Here is a list of the kind of people you should avoid inviting in order to have a smooth sailing wedding celebration. If there is no way out of the situation other than inviting them, we have also lined up some tips on how you can handle them.

Fault Finders Forever

There are people who find faults in everything so much so that they will go on finding uncountable faults even in paradise. Such fault finders will find a way to criticize your clothes, the party, the food and even your husband. If such people are your friends, simply avoid inviting them but if their presence is unavoidable, steer clear from indulging in a conversation with them and make sure the waiters keep serving them food to keep them from talking.

Sad Souls

Another type of guests that you do not want present at your wedding are sad souls with sad stories to tell. Maybe they love the attention they get from people with their stories or it is just that they love being sympathized by others. But these people are the ones you should stay away from as much as possible on your big day. They won’t only ruin your mood on the special occasion but your guests will also feel blue.

If you have already invited a sad soul at your wedding, make sure you pair them up with the fault finders. These two will undoubtedly have so much to talk about that they will run out of time.

Singles Desperate to Mingle

Now these people are the most common of all. There are always some women who are in a perpetual search for the perfect man. This can frankly become a bit too irritating if these women do not mend their ways on your big day. Avoid inviting such clingy singles to your shaadi or if you cannot steer clear from this situation, introduce then to your husband’s single friends so they do not embarrass you.

Clingy Relatives

We all have relatives who just do not know when they have overstepped their boundaries. Such people interfere in every matter without understanding that their opinion is not needed. Now since they are your relatives, there is no way you can make them stay away from your marriage celebrations but what you can do is take their opinions with a grain of salt. Let them say what they what they want to, but do not feel compelled to follow their advice and do what you feel is right. If the situation gets too much to handle, excuse yourself and leave.

Strike Off the Ex from your Guest List

Never ever make the mistake of inviting your ex to your shaadi. You do not want to revisit the past on your special day and dampen your mood. If your ex is still not over you, he might end up hurting your feelings with his bitter attitude. Inviting your ex to your wedding is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make unless he is happily married and you both are best friends.

These are the five kinds of guests you do not want anywhere near you on your shaadi day but if you cannot work your way around this awkward situation and they make it to your wedding, these tips will definitely help you.


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