Rishta Matrimony Services in Pakistan

Free & Paid Rishta Matrimony Services in Pakistan

We offer both free and paid matrimonial (rishta) services. Please read further to understand it.

Free Rishta Website Service Karachi Lahore Islamabad Pakistan

Free Rishta Matrimony Services in Pakistan

Please note that all our free matchmaking services are self-service basis i.e. Do It Yourself basis. You have to spend Your Time, Your Efforts, Your Energy to find proposal from our Free Matrimonial Website and Free Matrimonial social media groups. You have to face the risk of dealing with every type of good or bad people and allowing such people to enter in your life. You have to face all the risk and rewards yourself in using free rishta service.

We do not take any responsibility in Free Matrimonial Matchmaking Service. We have created this Free Pakistani Rishta website service to help people who cannot afford a good premium matchmaking service in Pakistan. Make sure you read our guideline on the home page about all the frauds and risks associated in online matrimonial and never trust any person blindly. If in doubt please ask your parents to advice you. Parents have more experience of life and they can guide you better. 

If you are a busy professional and want us to help you find best proposal, save your time, keep you safe from online fake people then you might consider using our paid matrimonial services.

(1) if you are from Karachi you can contact Shaadi Organization Pakistan and visit office to see the proposals with full details and pictures of proposals.

(2). If you are outside Karachi but in Pakistan, you can register on our FREE website www.Shaadi.org.pk to find proposals for you. People from Karachi can also register on it.

(3). If you are from abroad/non-resident Pakistani you can contact us to find proposals for you in Pakistan and can also use Free website.

(4). You can use our FREE Facebook Group to find proposals. Please share our group with friends and family and help them find proposals. The more your share the more good proposals you will get. But, groups are full of time waters and fake people. Be careful.

(5). You can also attend our FREE Weekly/Monthly Family Meetings in our Karachi office and meet directly with families.

(6). You can also use our FREE Facebook page to post your proposals on it (on request).

(7). You can also use our FREE WhatsApp Group to post your proposals on it.

(8). You can use our FREE Special Needs Facebook Group for Deaf, Dumb, Handicap, Blinds, Disabled Persons to find relevant proposals in it.

(9). If you are from poor family and eligible for Zakat/Sadaqh then you can contact us for FREE Engagement and Nikkah venue arrangement.

(10). Our 8 Services: Website, Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Weekly/Monthly Meetings, WhatsApp Groups, Facebook Group for Special Needs, Engagement Venue, Nikkah Venue are all FREE. For some services you need to submit Zakat or Sadaqah Oath form. Scroll down to see free resources.


Paid Rishta Matrimony Services in Pakistan

(11). Only our Personalized Matchmaking service (Premium Matrimonial) is a Paid service in which we charge fees.

(12). Paid Premium Matrimonial service is for those who are Busy Professionals OR looking for very Good Verified Proposals OR want to Meet Families Directly OR want Abroad/Foreign Proposals OR are Highly Qualified and looking for same proposals OR have some Special/Specific Requirements OR looking for Quick Rishta OR want to meet only genuine proposals OR want to save their time and want to Get Married Soon.

(13). In paid service, we take all your information and picture, fill the form, create your profile and then as per your requirement show you hands-picked proposals. These proposals are as per your requirement, authentic, and verified. This process is faster way to find Rishta and to find proposal from educated noble families.

(14). In paid service all our consultants in Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala) and Foreign countries i.e. USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia work together to find you best proposal.

(15). In paid service, our time and efforts are used to find right proposal for you so we take some advance initial registration fee and some fee after rishta is done. The fee depends on your profile and your requirement.

(16) In paid service, no processing of any type is done without initial registration fee. Kindly do not message us and tell us that you will pay full amount after rishta is done. We do not work like this. We have seen and experienced that such people are always time wasters and non serious. If you have trust issues, then you can always use our free services and can come in our family weekly meetings.

(17). Please note that this paid service is for those who are mentioned in point 12 above. Low income / less educated people can use the free website services of organization.

(18). If you are outside Karachi but in Pakistan you can also avail our Paid Premium Matchmaking service along with Free website if you want to avail benefits as mentioned in point 12 and 13.

(19). If Free WhatsApp Group is full then create your profile on our Free Shaadi Website and use it.

(20). Purpose of this long message is to have transparency and to help people. We are an organization and NOT a commercial marriage bureau and NOT some Rishta Aunty doing rishta service from home. We have rules and regulations and everyone taking our service must follow them so that we can give you the best matchmaking service.

(21). If you want to avail our paid service please contact us on WhatsApp numbers mentioned below.

LIVE Matchmaking Guaranteed Service in Pakistan

(22). GUARANTEED MATCHMAKING SERVICE: Like our other services LIVE Matchmaking is one unique paid service which guarantee the best proposal for you. We are the only organization in Pakistan which offer this GUARANTEED RISHTA SERVICE under LIVE Matchmaking.

Rishta Pakistan Money Back Guarantee

If you are looking for Very Beautiful Life Partner, Very Handsome Husband, Highly Qualified Professional, Foreign Proposals, and want to chose proposals yourself and directly contact them without any wait then LIVE Guaranteed Personalized Matchmaking Service is for you.

Just need to visit our office or call our representative at your home. Rishta charges are only taken when you like the proposal and want to contact them. This service is available in Karachi only. Home visits are discontinued at the moment due to current lock down situation.


Elite Matrimonial Matchmaking Service in Pakistan

(23). GUARANTEED MATCHMAKING SERVICE: Elite Matrimonial is a special guaranteed paid matchmaking service Only for the Elite and Rich Class [Millionaire or Billionaire]. Elite Matrimony Pakistan is an Exclusive Matchmaking Service from Shaadi Organization Pakistan that caters to the matrimonial needs of rich, famous and affluent Pakistanis Nationals & Citizens, holders of Pakistan Origin Card, Non Resident Pakistanis, and Persons who wants to marry persons of Pakistani origin.

Rishta Pakistan Money Back Guarantee

A special paid matrimonial service, which serve the high class who are unique in their fashion, culture, style and taste. Elite Matrimony is a private and confidential paid service in which a dedicated manager helps you in finding the perfect life partner through the process of searching, shortlisting and contacting prospects based on your and your family expectations. 100% hand-picked, influential and rich profiles for lawful marriage only. See Elite Matrimonial menu for more details.

Elite Matrimony is a special hand-picked service only for the Upper Class. We use special filtering criteria before taking any Elite Matrimonial case such as Candidate Education, Institutions in which candidate have studied, Family Educational Background, Family Business Background, Business Nature, Living Standard, Current Address, Family Culture and Taste. Please send your detailed information and pictures and we will contact you if you are eligible for Elite Matrimonial.


Comparison of Rishta Services

Details Free Website Paid Live Elite
Free Rishta Website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Profile Verification on Website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Profile Feature on Website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personal Matchmakers No 3 1 5
WhatsApp Proposals No Yes Yes Yes
Private WhatsApp Group No Yes Yes Yes
Call Support No Yes Yes Yes
Family Rishta Meetings No Yes Yes Yes
Live Database Proposals No No Yes Yes
Foreign Proposals Only Website Website + Direct Website + Direct Website + Direct
Quick Rishta Efforts No Yes Yes Yes
Post on Facebook Page No Yes Yes Yes
Post on Facebook Groups No Yes Yes Yes
Post in Overseas Groups No Yes Yes Yes
Post in Email Database No Yes Yes Yes
Post via Mobile SMS No Yes Yes Yes
Post on WhatsApp Rishta Groups No Yes Yes Yes
Service Duration Only Website 6 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Expected Rishta Done Duration No Time 6 Months 4 Months 6 Months
Elite Proposals No No No Yes
Doorstep Service No No No Yes
Money Back Guarantee Not Applicable Case Basis Yes Yes

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Free Resources

We update free resources daily except WhatsApp matrimonial groups. WhatsApp matchmaking groups are updated twice a month.
Free Website: www.Shaadi.org.pk
Free Facebook Page: facebook.com/Shaadi.org.pk
Free Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/shaadigroup
Free Facebook Group (Special Needs): http://bit.ly/shaadispecial
Free Weekly/Monthly Family Meetings in office: Every alternate Sundays
Free Engagement Venue: www.Shaadi.org.pk
Free Nikkah Venue: www.Shaadi.org.pk
Free WhatsApp Group (Karachi): Rishta Karachi
Free WhatsApp Group (Lahore): http://bit.ly/RishtaLahore
Free WhatsApp Group (Islamabad): http://bit.ly/RishtaIslamabad
Free WhatsApp Group (Other Cities of Pakistan): http://bit.ly/sop786
Free WhatsApp Group (Foreign/Abroad/Overseas Proposals): http://bit.ly/ForeignProposals
Free WhatsApp Group (Doosri Shaadi): http://bit.ly/DoosriShaadi
Free WhatsApp Group (Divorced, Late Marriage, Widow): http://bit.ly/DivorcedRishtay
Free WhatsApp Group (Special Needs): http://bit.ly/SNeeds
Free WhatsApp Group (Upper Class – Karachi): http://bit.ly/UCKarachi
Free WhatsApp Group (Middle/Upper Middle Class – Karachi): http://bit.ly/MCKarachi
Free WhatsApp Group (Lower Class – Karachi): http://bit.ly/LCKarachi

Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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