For a Pakistani bride, it is never too soon to start planning her big day. Sometimes even when you begin planning an event six months before the actual date, you feel that nothing is going your way and everything is not planned to the very last detail. Well, planning a shaadi is nothing less than an uphill task. You have to make sure that everything is organized from getting your invitation cards printed to selecting your shaadi trousseau to setting the perfect menu on your big day to booking your honeymoon tickets.

Sometimes planning a wedding can be a very stressful yet overwhelming for the bride and to avoid missing out on anything, you must keep these golden rules in mind that will keep things under control and prevent you from turning into the much dreaded ‘Bridezilla’.

First Things First, the Budget

As soon as the marriage date is set, start preparing a budget while keeping your financial well being in mind. Do not turn into a penny pincher and set a budget so tight that you end up losing out on things. After all, it is your shaadi and you have to make it worthwhile, so you are definitely expected to splurge your savings a little here and there but at the same time, do not go overboard with the wedding festivities that you have to spend the rest of the years making up for the lost savings. Remember, keeping things in moderation is the key.

 The Guest List for the Big Day

Start making a rough list of all the guests you have to invite. Start with family members and relatives first and then move on to friends and colleagues. Remember, it is your marriage and you have to decide who shows up at your wedding and who does not. To keep the guest list within the budget, it would not hurt to strike out individuals who you seldom keep in touch with and are nothing but your Facebook friends. Give your family and close friends the first priority.

Explore Alternatives, Always!

Just because it is your wedding, does not mean you can exhaust all your savings in one go. Think rationally and opt for cheaper alternatives where you can. Like you do not have to go for the priciest invitation cards or the most exotic kind of flowers. Just ask yourself one question when you feel you have got the itch to splurge the greens unnecessarily, ‘Is it really worth it?’ If the answer is no, you know what to do. Go for something with a more affordable price tag.

Setting the Menu for the Big Day

A lot of food gets wasted in Pakistani shaadis usually. In order to prevent that criminal wastage, it is best to go for 2-3 standard dishes that are liked by everyone rather than going for unusual cuisines that will not be appreciated by the guests.

Selecting Your Wedding Trousseau, Rationally

It is your wedding day, select the best wedding dress by all means but do not be too adventurous and go for a color so out-of-the-box that it completely backfires on you. Whether you are going for HSY, Rizwan Moazzam or Maria B., try on several different dresses and designs before you choose the final ‘one’.

Let Go of Unrealistic Expectations

If you are thinking of dieting before you walk down the aisle, do yourself a favor and do not go for a crash diet. There is nothing worse that starving yourself and that too, especially when you are days away from becoming a bride. Even though many Pakistani brides stop eating days before their shaadi to fit into their dress perfectly, it is never feasible to do so.

Then there are brides-to-be that are too slim and want to look voluptuous. They start binge eating and end up looking out of shape when the dress does not fit well. It just does not matter whether you are skinny or a tad bit heavier, as long as your groom loves you the way that you are; you have got absolutely nothing to worry about.

Planning the Honeymoon

If your marriage is taking place in summers for instance, which is the peak time in the airline industry since everyone is going on a vacation; you might want to postpone the honeymoon for a few months till the airfare gets back to normal.

These are some of the many tips that will give you a rough idea on how to go about planning your big day with ease.

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