As the big shaadi day comes to a close, Pakistani brides-to-be start freaking out and go on crash diets. Crash diets can be very counterproductive because nutritional deprivations can lead to severe vitamin deficiencies, low blood sugar, dizziness and what not. But that does not mean you cannot lose a few extra pounds in a healthy way without having to face the terrible side effects.

For trendy Ghararas and Lehengas of today, one needs to slim down in order to fit the dress rather than the dress made to fit the bride. Our tips here will help you trim down the excess weight and look slender in no time.

Never Skip Breakfast

It is believed that our body’s metabolism is most active during the early hours of morning. Start your morning with a low fat breakfast. You can have anything for breakfast that fits the 300-350 calorie frame. But stay away from junk food items as much as possible. You can skip lunch if you are not in the mood, but never miss out on breakfast since it is the most important meal of the day.

H2O is Essential

Bride-to-be or not, water is essential to keep our body functioning at its peak. Drinking 2 litres of water should be your target every day. If you think you cannot manage to have 2 litres of water only, you can have green tea or flavored mineral water too. However, you must avoid having fizzy drinks because that will ruin all the progress you have made with the diet so far.

Get Off the Hunger Strike

Starving yourself is not going to make you any slimmer, it will make you look weaker on your shaadi day. Running on an empty stomach will lead to splitting headaches because your blood sugar levels will go down. Low sugar levels are also the reason behind experiencing fatigue and emotional distress.

Incorporate Proteins No Matter What

Proteins are important constituents of a proper well balanced meal so incorporate proteins in your lunch to get you through the day. Instead of satiating your afternoon hunger pangs with beef, try going for prawns and chicken instead.

Walk the Walk and Shed Those Extra Pounds

Do not leave the herculean task of getting slim to the diet plan only. You can simply take the stairs instead of going in an elevator to burn those extra calories or take a brisk for fifteen minutes daily. If not, you can even go for a swim to unwind after a hectic day.

Go Green with Green Tea

It is said that green tea aids the process of slimming down by boosting the body’s metabolism. The best reason why you should start chugging down green tea at least three times a day after meals is that it is absolutely free from side effects. It also cleanses the body from inside.

Do Not Bring Home Processed Food

if your marriage day is near, it would be better to cut down on processed food by refraining from buying any sort of processed food items. You will be amazed at the amount of calories you get rid of by saying no to such food items and needless to say, the artificial ingredients too. Always choose fresh and organic food stuff to maintain a healthy diet.

By following these tips rigorously, you can look effortlessly slim and beautiful without skipping and scrimping meals on your shaadi day.

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