As soon as the marriage and honeymoon phase is over and you get on with your hectic daily routines, couples tend to get a little cranky and outbursts are inevitable. But what about loving and caring for your significant other till death does your part?

Go through some of these tips from a seasoned relationship advisor that has helped many couples survive through a rough patch and are stronger than ever today.

Quit Playing the Blame Game

If you have done something that has put off your hubby, just accept the fact that you have made a mistake and go make it up to him. You husband will not only respect you more than he used to but also take your part of the argument into consideration the next time around. Remember at all times that you possess the power to make or break your relationship and you do not want to cause harm to your shaadi life intentionally.

Enough with the Whining and Criticizing Already

No one likes a fault finder and sweetie, before you go on criticizing your hubby, look in the mirror; no one is perfect and neither are you. You need to understand that with time, people get accustomed to the likes and dislikes of their better half and even try to adjust to it. All you have to do is wait and let nature take its course. Criticizing your significant other will not only turn things terribly sour between you two but also indicate that you have not contributed to making the situation any better either.

Keep Calm and Be Happy

The best thing you can do to lead a happy shaadi life with your love one is to be happy and let him be happy as well. Understand that your husband works hard throughout the day so that you can lead a comfortable life. Do not start pestering him about trivial matters as soon as he comes home from. Instead, dress up for him, serve him some tea or coffee and ask him how his day went. Nothing makes a man truly happy than a wife who cares about him.

Discuss Money Matters

It is estimated that about 80% of couples file for divorce due to monetary issues. If you do not wish to end up like them, either put money on the backseat and focus more on the beautiful relationship that you and your husband share or discuss your monetary concerns clearly before it’s too late.

It’s The Little Things That Always Matter More

Whether you are a newly tied in the relationship of marriage or it has been years since the two of you got hitched, make sure you keep the fire of romance burning alive. Always do little things for him that make him happy like cook his favorite meal for instance, send him an ‘I love you’ text at work so he knows that you miss him and think about him when he’s not around. If you’re out shopping, get him a little something. These little things can go a long way in strengthening your bond with your husband.

Always remember that your husband is the only person that should matter to your other than your kids and keeping him happy should be a wife’s top most priority. At times, couples do experience a bit of a rough patch but that does not mean that it is the end. You can always work things out after you both have calmed down and never, never, say never.

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