7 Things to Avoid in Marriage

7 Things to Avoid in Marriage

It is a fact that there are no “perfect relationships.” The little things change us. But at the end of the day, having each other’s back in married life is what really matters. Keep in mind that the ultimate goals should be happiness, satisfaction, and fulfilment.

The beginning of this journey is beautiful for everyone but keeping it beautiful is what should be the goal of every couple. As time passes by, the family continues to grow and you have to deal with more responsibilities and needs to save more for a prosperous future. At the start, you spend a nice time with each other but after that, you need to be more realistic towards life. Yes, that’s what life is! But nothing to worry about as few changes in habits can do wonders for you in your relationship. In order to change your life, you need to do an assessment of your married life.

A few tweaks in our relationships can save us from disappointments and sadness. So what should you stop doing in your relationship to make it more peaceful and delightful? Let’s find out.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Expecting too much can make the lives of both partners depressed. Your partner may feel that he/she is not enough for you and this is the point from where conflicts arise. Communication is the best way of understanding what your partner can do, so check your expectations and make sure that they are not too high.

Always thinking and saying that you are right cannot do any good but instead will increase the misunderstandings. Try to understand the perspective of one another and be ready to make compromises in a heartbeat.

Focusing on What You Do not Have

Don’t compare your life to others if you are not aware of the circumstances the other person has faced.

Not everyone in the life has everything. There is some lacking. That is why the comparing your life with another is the worst thing you will ever do. It’s been rightly said that:

‘Comparison is a death of joy’

If you spend time thinking about what others have and what you don’t have, then you can never live a fulfilled life. Your sadness ultimately affects your spouse, along with the rest of your family. Focus on what you have and you’ll attain happiness in no time.

Discussing Your Personal Matters with Everyone

Are you the one who keeps talking about your personal matters with everyone? If yes, stop doing that. It’s for your own good as there is a higher chance that your spouse will never like it.

Discussing everything with others cannot help in solving your issues but it will only hurt your self-respect. In our Pakistani culture, women usually live with in-laws. Therefore, it is more important to solve your problems by communicating with the partner rather making it a hot topic for everyone.

Indulging in Self-Pity

You cannot make others happy when you are sad. Self-pity is the worst thing in the world and it won’t do you any good. If you want to make yourself a better spouse, then you need to muster up the energy to take the necessary steps.

Routine can make you bored and unhappy. At such time, the best thing is to bring a change in your routine. Focusing on your career, hobbies, and interests can spark joy in your life.

Spending Time with the Wrong People

There comes a time when you need a shoulder to cry on and share your feelings with another person. It will make your heart feel light, clear your head, and provide you with a reason to focus on things that truly matter. For this purpose, look towards your most trusted friends and family members.

Make sure that you do not discuss personal things with the wrong people. A person with evil intentions could sabotage your entire life.

Not Initiating the Change

Life should not remain the same all the time. For keeping the element of happiness and fulfilment in your life, it is important to make little changes in life.

Do not expect your partner to initiate the change always. Life is made easier when there is participation by both the partners towards making it happy. So, bring little joyous changes in your life as it will also encourage your partner to do the same. Because at the end:

“The most important thing in the world is family and love”

Not Appreciating Each Other

Appreciation is something which should be done often. It plays an important role in every person’s life, not just married couples. Appraising your partner will motivate you to do more and in a better way.

These little appreciations also show the feelings of care and love that you have for each other. It helps in feeling good and encourages your partner to develop into a better version of him/her. A happy married life is about creating happiness and feeling good for other.


Living a happy and fulfilled life is the desire of every couple and this goal can be accomplished when both partners work together. With a few tweaks and little changes in life, you can improve it significantly.

Sometimes, you experience difficulties in life. But the good thing is that they do not last forever. So, it’s better to keep your problems between you and your partner as he/she is the best companion and the best advisor.

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