Every woman dreams of looking breathtakingly beautiful on her wedding. But planning a wedding and micro managing everything to the last detail; from the makeup to the trousseau to the décor of the wedding hall and catering is no cakewalk which is why most brides have no time left to spend on pre-wedding beauty rituals.

Nowadays, most brides-to-be are career women and so, the entire prenuptial beauty plan has to be charted down in such a way that everything works out beautifully when the D-day finally arrives. If you want to make heads turn on your big day, make sure you follow our exclusive four week bridal beauty plan including all the important essentials to achieve that long lasting pre-wedding glow.

The Right Timing

The biggest mistake that most brides make is going for a heavy duty facial just a day or two before the wedding which does more harm than good actually. The reason why you should never get a facial done when the D-day is right around the corner is because after deep cleansing facials bring all the hidden impurities to the surface of the face within a day or too.

If you are thinking of getting heavy duty beauty treatments like mircodermabrasion, glycolic peels, deep cleansing facials or botox fillers, it is best to schedule an appointment with your aesthetician at least four weeks prior to the wedding day so that the skin has ample time to regain its natural state since there is a risk of suffering from mild irritation or redness post treatment.

Word to wise; prior to getting any beauty treatment done, schedule an appointment with a well known dermatologist to examine your skin closely. If there are any major skin issues that need to be resolved like patchy skin, puffy eyes, dark circles or uneven skin tone, now is the time. Do not go for any major beauty procedures less than four weeks before the wedding.

Prevent Any D-Day Disasters

Young brides usually have acne prone skin which needs to be taken care of in the right way using the right products. If you have pimply skin that usually breaks out when you are under stress, try to go for non-comedogenic beauty products and make up to prevent pimples and zits from ruining your big day.

Another mistake that many young brides-to-be make is switching to different beauty products just a few days before the wedding reception. The main reason as to why switching to new products within the last week of the wedding countdown is never recommended especially if you have sensitive or acne prone skin is because it may irritate the skin and cause red blotchy pimples that will take weeks to disappear completely and no amount of makeup will be able to cover them up completely without making you look like Bridezilla.

However, there is no way to surefire way to prevent pimples from popping out. If you are stuck in a situation where you see a pimple when you least expect it, you can try one of these two tried and tested remedies.

  • If you see a pimple in its initial stages usually called a white head, hold a hot compress against it for a while to reduce it. Then use a cold compress to soothe the skin. Once you see that the whitehead has reduced significantly, apply a small dollop of benzyl peroxide to kill bacteria.
  • If you have a red pimple on your face that is most likely to leave blemishes, apply toothpaste directly onto the pimple and the area surrounding it. The active ingredients in the toothpaste will dry out the pimple and reduce the redness as well.

Baby Soft Skin

Waxing is a horrible nightmare for most women especially those who have sensitive or dry skin. Even though you can get away without waxing most of the time by opting for alternative hair removal methods all you year round, you might want to consider a full body wax for your wedding day.

The best time to go for a full body wax is at least a week before the wedding so that your skin has plenty of time to recover since many women experience redness and irritation for a few days post wax.

Even though waxing is a painful hair removal method, it is worth a try because unlike other hair removal methods, wax yanks the hair right out of the roots instead of dissolving the hair at the roots; resulting in baby soft glowing skin. The best part yet, waxing will reduce the overall hair growth.

Deciding On the Hair and Makeup

Perhaps the toughest decision a bride has to make is on what kind of makeup and hairdo to go for on the big day. Take some time out to check out the latest bridal fashion trends pertaining to hair and makeup for inspiration but remember, the last thing you want on your wedding day is to look like someone you’re not.

Our advice to brides-to-be is to decide on the hairdo and makeup for their wedding day at least two weeks in advance. When deciding on the makeup, go for a look that suits you; not the one that looks good on the model of a magazine cover.

Many brides opt for dark glamorous makeup on their wedding day that ends up looking tacky if it is not done according to the complexion of the bride’s skin. If you are going to do the makeup yourself, you can never go wrong with light colors. When it comes to selecting the hair style, go for one that is simple and elegant.

The best way to determine what hair style would suit you is to choose one according to the shape of your face. Slicked back buns and twists look great on women who have a sharp jaw line since it softens the edges of the face. While loose curls are ideal for brides who have a round or oval shaped face.

If you keep these four simple rules in mind when planning the big day, you will never go wrong. Looking like a goddess on the big day takes a lot of effort, granted. But it will all be worthwhile when everyone in the room will gaze at you in amazement when you walk down that aisle.

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