Ready to ‘Tie the Knot’? Read the Success Secrets of a Marriage

Have you ever heard someone say: ‘I want my first marriage to be the last one?’ That is because they want to have a successful marriage, that will not end up with God Forbid divorce or separation. Having a blooming married life comprises of hard work and effort on both sides. This is not a one-sided deal. In Pakistan, marriage is one fundamental step that has to be taken. A research proves religious and cultural people are less likely to face divorce as compared to others. I asked about the secrets of contented marriage from many married couples; married for more than 25 and 40 years. Therefore, I extracted all of the secrets and compiled them into an article. So, read along if you want to have a long lasting relationship with your spouse.

You Better Half Should Be Your Best Friend

Friendship is the first step towards love. When I said ‘Your better half should be your best friend’ I have no intentions to force you to marry your best friend or class mate. What my intention was, to push you for having a strong friendly relation with your life partner.

Share Anything and Everything

Communication solves most of the problems alone. This means you have to speak up if something goes wrong. Have long honest discussions, share your likes and dislikes, talk about your future goals, or have small talk on a morning walk. We appreciate that!

Overlook the Arguments

Every couple; happy or discontented have arguments. What really matters is how they deal with the arguments. Do they end up breaking house furniture or they listen to each other’s view. Suppress your anger, try to put yourself in other person’s position and listen to them. You must have heard, ‘arguments are vital for a healthy relationship’.

Understanding is the Key to Win Hearts

Most of the people will agree with this, understanding is all that your relationship is based on. Understand your partner’s rights, desires, and feelings. Being the security, being the shoulder, being the person one can rely on. More understanding leads to fewer arguments.

Build Trust and Love

Ever thought of doing something small but meaningful for your partner that will not only cheer them up but also prove your love to them? Keep doing it, it also builds trust.

Patience is the Answer

Patience helps in many situations; not losing your temper manages many complicated conditions. It leads to hearing the minor things one would have ignored, while in anger. Patience is a step to maturity, and maturity leads to a firm long term married life.

Respect individuality

Marriage involves two people spending one life together. This involves tons of respect and respecting one person’s individuality. Giving and having space, easing the bridges between two people. Getting to be acquainted with two families brought together with a pious bond. Marriage is the one sacred bond that no one despises. Getting marriage means starting a new life. So, whenever you decide to start a new life, start with an oath to make it last forever.And do not forget to take our blessings!

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