Are you one of those daring brides-to-be who love to experiment with their look for their wedding day? Or are you on a tight budget and cannot afford to have your bridal makeup done from a high end beauty parlor? Well, let us face it; if you are a pro at doing makeup yourself then you should definitely do your bridal makeup yourself. But with all the stress that pre wedding planning brings to the bride, even the best of the best brides feel like they cannot handle the pressure of doing their hair and makeup themselves on their big day.

So if you have got faith in your makeup skills and have got what it takes to be the next bridal fashionista all on your own, then this blog post is definitely for you. Here we will discuss nine tips on how to look breathtakingly gorgeous on your wedding day for the fraction of the cost by opting for DIY bridal makeup.

Make Shimmery Eye Shadow Your New Best Friend

There is a common misconception that one should stay away from shimmery eyes shadow especially on their wedding day because it can highlight all the fine lines and wrinkles if you have any since shimmery powder sinks into the creases of the eye; making you look much older. But this is far from true. By all means, stay away from any light pastel color with a shimmery effect if you have slight fine lines around your eyes.

But in order to make your peepers look pretty and awake, use shimmery white eye shadow right near the corners of your eyes. It will instantly brighten up your eyes and make you look more awake. The white eye shadow can also double as a highlighter and give definition to your eye brows. All you have to do is sweep white shimmery eye shadow under the arch of your eye brows and work it from there to make your brow line look more refined.

Also, a good quality eye shadow can be used as a replacement for a highlighter. You can apply the white shimmery powdered eye shadow right above the line of your blusher to highlight your cheekbones. This will make the color of the blush more prominent and make your cheekbones look contoured.

Always Go For the Good Stuff

Your normal makeup stuff may not be as long lasting as it should be since women usually tend to go for drug store brand when it comes to buying makeup for everyday use. It is not necessary that you buy all the makeup essential from a luxury makeup brand but there are some essentials that are a must have if you want to look like a goddess on your wedding day.

First off, having a long lasting matte foundation is critical because there is nothing tackier than runny makeup especially on your big day. If you have oily skin, go for an oil free foundation in mousse or liquid form that is strong enough to give you long lasting coverage while keeping the face matte all through the night. However, if your skin is slightly on the dry and duller side, a moisturizing liquid foundation especially designed for dry skin would be ideal.

But before you apply makeup, remember to use a good quality primer because it will make a world of a difference in the texture of your skin by blurring large pores, uneven skin tone and hold the makeup together for longer. When buying a new primer, always go for one according to your skin type. Women with oily skin should go for one that keeps the makeup looking matte all day while those with dry or dull skin should go for one that moisturizes the skin and contains radiance particles.

All brides-to-be doing bridal makeup on their own must invest in mascara from a high end brand. Many a times it happens that the eye makeup looks bland until you add a few layers of mascara on your lashes to complete the look. To make your eye makeup look stunning, go for waterproof mascara that will not wash away and give your lashes a fuller, thicker look.

Last but not the least; it does not matter what blusher you use as long as you use a good soft blush brush to apply it. In order to have a stunning look on your big day, investing in good brushes is important because at the end of the day, a flawless look can only be achieved if you apply blush, eye shadow, highlighter and contouring powder using the right technique and blending it all with the right kind of soft brush.


Choose Your Look According To the Season

Pakistani brides tend to go a little heavy handed with makeup on their big day. The best way to select the perfect look for your wedding day is to keep the season in mind. For instance, if your wedding is taking place in the winter months, you can go for a glamorous look rich in shades of gold, red, maroon, violet, black and navy.

However, if your big day is planned in the summer season, stay away from very dark shades. Go for lighter, pastel shades to look breathtakingly beautiful on your wedding day. The reason why it is so important to consider what part of the year your wedding takes place in is because the colors you wear in winter are generally on the cooler side since your skin looks paler in the cold season.

While in the summers, your skin looks tanned, which is why you need to select colors according to the season. What might look great in the summer season might look a little too orangey in the winter months. The best way to make sure that you look flawless on your big day is to buy makeup just a month before the wedding.

These are some of the tips that will help you make your DIY bridal makeup look as if you had it done by a professional makeup artist. For more tips on DIY bridal makeup like a pro, read the next blog on




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