Do you want your wedding to be memorable, unique, and entertaining? Coming up with a perfect setting for wedding festive can be challenging. There are a larger number of places to select from. The number of possibilities depends on your budget, the number of guests you are planning to invite and also the time of the year. There are a large number of things that brides and grooms can add to their wedding celebration to make it stand out. These ideas for wedding are practical, unexpected, and romantic. Who does not want a unique wedding? After all it is one of the most important days of your life.

Some of these fun filled and unique ideas are as follows:

Cater To the Music Lovers

When you give your invitation cards, attach one more card for your close family members and friends. In that extra card, add a line for DJ song request. As soon as your guests show up, you can collect all the cards and give it to your DJ. When the DJ plays their song requests, your guests will be extremely touched that you have given them so much importance by playing their request.

The Advice Note on each table

You can leave “My Advice for the bride and groom Note” at every dinner table. You can ask a friend to print it out for you or you can choose to do it yourself. You can keep this in front of each guest and later be amazed after reading the advices and comments you get from all age groups.

Team “Dulhay walay” and Team “Dulhan walay” Badges

Weddings are no fun without well practiced mehendi dance performances. When both the parties are equally spirited and participative then the wedding aura gets extremely electrifying. An extremely joyful and fun way of distinguishing the dulhan walay from dulha walay is by assigning bride or groom badges instead of wearing the same color of dupattas. The mehendi team can wear these badges which will make it easy for the guests to figure out who belongs to the groom or bride’s side. This can also act as a great way of starting conversations among your guests

Customized Invitation Cards

There is no parallel to customized invitation cards made by your own hands. If you got time in your hand, either design it yourself or take the help of your friends. Remember to keep the program to the point and simple. Your guests are going to feel all the personal efforts that you have put into your wedding.

A Cute Wedding Activity

Apart from the regular traditions and customs, adding a new wedding activity can come as a surprise to the guests which people won’t ever forget. You can run a slide show of both groom’s and bride’s childhood photos to current photos at the wedding. Wedding day is not just the one of the most important day of your life but it is an extremely emotional day for your family and closed ones. Going down the memory lane can be a really fun filled activity for both the bride and groom’s side.

The entrance that sparkles

We all have witnessed that in every wedding when the bride or the groom makes an entrance, it is almost always with a brightly colored dupatta that is held by four people from four corners on the head of the bride or the groom. Instead of this typical entrance, people can be given sparklers to hold. That will not only make the entrance sparkly but also flashy grabbing everyone’s attention who is present there busy gossiping. This can act as a perfect attention grabber.

Enjoy getting married and live the wedding dream you had always envisaged!


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