Wanting to marry soon? Understand the mystery, Women!

Have you ever tried to solve a mystery? Well, think again, we are talking about women! Women are no less than a puzzle; want to solve it? Easy solution, try to learn about them. As you will now know about her problems, responses and how you should react to them. Make your marriage life trouble-free now. You might think these are some tips to women’s nature. But no, these are undisclosed layers of some personality traits that you will adopt to have a genuine married life.We have been observing what marriages teach us all. Yes, marriages teach us how a woman can dominate a relationship or how a man can make an impression on her and take the lead.Let us try to nail it.

What we know about women

Women want love and demand to be trusted. They have mood swings. They will start laughing out of nowhere and sit quietly the other minute. But they are not as difficult as this may seem. All, you have to do, is to show her how you understand her and do whatever she likes.

Be humorous

Be an attractive personality, not a clown! Precisely, be funny. Amuse her with little jokes. A woman loves a good humored man, who makes her laugh.

Stay unpredictable

Try to develop an attraction by not being predictable. Remember, being predictable equals to being boring. Try to surprise her. Take her to visit on holidays. Buy her favorite coffee or jewelry often.

Be patient and nice

Women can be too hard to deal with. But, once you know her. Your marriage life will be the happiest of all. All, you have to do, is to be nice to her, compliment her looks and food she cooks, and be patient when she gets irritated. This will make her happy instantly.

Stay active

Have an active lifestyle. Who likes couch potato anyways? So, be vibrant and active.

Listen to her

She will start telling you minor details of her day or some debate she got in. She might tell you her childhood story. Listen attentively to her and smile while she talks. Do not give her a bored look at all.

Make her feel secure

Do not compare your wife to other women. This will make her insecure and damage her amazing personality. Make her feel she is the one!

Have a strong personality

Women want a successful man, by that we mean career oriented, a confident, ambitious, monetarily secured and intelligent husband. Try not to change her. If you do not like some of her habits, do not snap her. This will hurt her, nor try to ask her to change for you. Just show her what you like and be the influence to her, she will change by herself.

Focus on yourself

Be well dressed and take good care of your health. But try not to be completely self-centered.

Teach her something new

Want her to take an interest in you? Teach her something new. By something we mean, teach her some repairing, gardening, something she does not know how to do. All, that is left to say, is good luck, because now, you need it the most!



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